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Introducing the official website of ShePlays.YYC . I started ShePlays Jan 4th 2021 because I saw a need and I knew I could help. As covid had the world in lock down and our daughters lost a year of competing I began going through all my old footage which ultimately led to the creation of Sheplays.

I support all clubs, all trainers, all schools and all female athletes who are chasing their collegiate dreams.  I will offer 3 types of packages based on the needs of the Club, Coach/Trainer, and Player.


About ShePlays.YYC

A Bit of Background

For the last 8 years I have been either coaching or filming at least one of my three daughters as they chase their basketball or preforming dreams.  So when Covid happened I realized I had 8 years of footage of my girls either playing, training or performing. The thought of losing a year of competing and performing wasn't that big of a problem because I had years of footage.

Prior to becoming a parent I went to film school at SAIT here in Calgary, and I was lucky to work in the film and radio industry. However everything changed when the twins showed up in 2003; working 12 plus hours on location didn't mix with having twin newborn daughters. Even though I left the industry I think my way of staying creative was by always filming and taking photos. 

2020 was a year of massive change for the world and I like so many others found myself "covid retired" after 15 years in the corporate world. However sports has taught me how to pivot and how to believe in myself. Since being submerged in the competitive sports world for almost a decade, I saw there was a need for our female athletes and I missed creating so ShePlays.YYC was born. With over 2000 IG followers and over 160 thousand accounts reached in less than 3 months I knew that I was on the right track and knew I could help get your daughters the exposure and confidence that will help take them to the next level. 

The world is changing and the culture is shifting and I know how to help grow our athletes highlight reels and social media presence to help them transition to the next level.